[AG-TECH] SIGGRAPH on the AG and web streaming

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Fri Jul 22 11:43:18 CDT 2005


As many of you know, a small number of sites will be participating in SIGGRAPH 2005 over the Access Grid, in the Emerging Technologies venue. Some sessions will be made available to remote audiences at Access Grid sites; other sessions will be presented/performed over Access Grid but not include remote Access Grid audiences. However, ALL sessions will be available live through web streaming, courtesy of Internet2 Commons and Haivision. The AG node at the LA Convention Center is provided by inSORS Integrated Communications; venue services are provided by inSORS, NCSA, and Internet2 Commons.

For a list of Access Grid participating sites, and (eventually) a link to the live web stream, please visit:


Jennifer Teig von Hoffman
Co-chair, SIGGRAPH AG Sub-committee
Boston University

On behalf of the SIGGRAPH AG Sub-committee:
Jeff Carpenter, NCSA, Co-chair
Jim Miller, inSORS Integrated Communications
James Oliverio, Digital Worlds Institute
Andy Quay, Digital Worlds Institute
Jeffrey Schwab, Purdue University
Cindy Sievers, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jonathan Tyman, Internet2 Commons
Joella Walz, Digital Worlds Institute

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