[AG-TECH] Webcam on SuSe9.3]

aspale1 aspale1 at lac.uic.edu
Thu Jul 21 11:50:43 CDT 2005


Although I am not using SuSe, I am dealing with a similar issue with a 
webcam. I am trying to get a Creative WebCam Live Ultra working on a 
computer running Windows XP Service Pack 2. At one point, I had a good 
configuration that seemed to work, but after some changes since that 
point, setting up VIC to transmit using the webcam has been very 

When I configure the service (VideoService), I have two choices of 
drivers-- Creative's VFW driver of the Microsoft Win32 WDM (or something 
similar to that). It seems that regardless of which I choose, I will 
either get VIC to crash as soon as I transmit or worse, I get a blue 
screen with something about IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and a memory dump 
(which is a very bad thing), and I have to restart the computer.

I have attempted with difficulty to try to update the webcam driver, but 
this does not even seem to work properly.

On the bright side, I have replaced ANL's VIC with a VRVS VIC, and things 
seem more stable than before. I cannot explain why that is, but I can 
transmit generally without any problems.

If anyone could provide assistance would be appreciated in trying to 
properly configure my webcam software to work with ANL's version of VIC. 
One of the reasons I am using this camera is that it has a wide angle lens 
built in that allows up to 3 people to be comfortably captured by the 



National Center for Data Mining
University of Illinois at Chicago

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Hi All,

I'm looking for suggestions of either.

a) How to get my current Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 working under

b) A cam that works under SuSe9.3 with AGTK.



Stuart Poulton <stuart.poulton at astro.le.ac.uk>

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