[AG-TECH] Collaborative VNC

Julia Mullen julia.mullen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 10:09:37 CDT 2005

Hi Natalia -

This sounds great!  Have you resolved the issue of slow VNC when you have
multiple sites?  In addition, I have seen a number of issues arising
when a presenting site wants to share software or images that require
high resolution, such as biomedical applications.  Do you have any
experience with this?

and the final question that users are forever asking me - what are the
security risks of collaborative-vnc?  I assume they are the same as
for vnc, is that correct?

Meanwhile, for my other apps I look forward to trying it out.


On 7/21/05, Natalia Costas Lago <natalia at cesga.es> wrote:
> For those who might be interested: 
> For Linux only.. non production systems yet.. 
> http://benjie.org/software/linux/collaborative-vnc/ 
> Collaborative VNC (currently for Unix only) makes it easier for multiple
> people to share a remote desktop. Each member of a shared desktop gets a
> different colored mouse cursor, and can see everyone else's mouse cursors
> moving around the desktop at the same time. Multiple methods are provided
> for managing who has control of the desktop at any given time. 
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