[AG-TECH] Thursday Testing Session Reminder

Eric Olson eolson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jul 20 13:18:31 CDT 2005

This is just a reminder that we are continuing to hold testing sessions 
every Thursday from 10-11am Central time.

Anyone who has questions or would like help installing or testing their 
Access Grid installation is encouraged to attend.

We've mentioned this during a couple of Townhall meetings, but I'd also 
like to announce here that developers are encouraged to come and ask 
questions during this time.

The meeting is held in the Argonne National Laboratory venue.  To get there:
Point your VenueClient to this url: 
Then click on the "Government Institutions Lobby" exit door, and then 
the "Argonne National Laboratory" exit door.

If you have difficulty getting there, please e-mail us at 
ag-info at mcs.anl.gov, and we'll help you get connected.


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