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Supreeya Miller Supreeya.Miller at usm.edu
Fri Jul 15 15:39:53 CDT 2005

Fred and Derek,

I'm running XP for the Video machine, which has 3 PCI-x Opsprey 230 cards.
The machine is 64 bit.  Here are the tricks I found to get each card to work
properly.  This needs to be done one time.  Then the successive times will
work beautifully as the previous one.
	1. Use the legacy driver.  I read John Q's message on 5/16/2005.  The
subject line was "Windows Capture Cards".
	2. Run vic manually (to any address and port) for the number of cards.
Since the default is not-transmit, you will not get stuck with the Windows
binding to one source.
	3. Choose "Configure on Transmit".  Amazingly the machine will show that
you have 3 device capture cards (in my case).  Then you can set the video
resolution and color mode.  I set the resolution to 352x288, so that I will
not have the gray frame around my video.  My machine also shown that I had
the fourth source, which was x11....go figure.
	4. Pick one and click Transmit.
	5. Do the same thing with the rest of the cards.
	6. Terminate all vic programs.
	7. Run the AG program as usual.
	8. Use the "Manage my Node.." to rid of the x11 source.  Then save and set
as default that configuration.

Since vic remember the last configuration, each one of my 3 vic programs
always picks up each capture device correctly. This has worked well for me
for the pass 5 weeks since the arrival of my 2 new DELL machines.  I don't
have to choose capture devices again..not even one time.

I hope my tricks will work for you guys.  Good luck.

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that is unless you get a set of cards or card that still use VFW drivers,
like the older Winnov Videum cards we are currently using.


On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 02:54PM, Derek Piper said:
> 	It will happen regardless of the type of capture device, just so
> 	that's clear. If you have more than one device that captures video, if
> a USB camera or capture card, then you'll have that problem with Windows.
> 	Derek
> Fred Dech wrote:
> >hi Derek.
> >
> >i see.  that's useful information.  the EVERY TIME clause is a real
> >drag, though.  in the case i'm thinking about, using linux is not an
> >option.
> >
> >thanks, though.
> >
> >--fred
> >
> >On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 02:15PM, Derek Piper said:
> >
> >>	No, I explained how that part works my previous post. Maybe a
> >>	diagram would be good.
> >>
> >>VIC -> 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture' -> Source0
> >>VIC -> 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture' -> Source1
> >>VIC -> 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture' -> Source2
> >>VIC -> 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture' -> Source3
> >>
> >>	VIC only binds to 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture', *it doesn't know
> >>	about the sources beyond that*. Upon invocation, the WDM driver will
> >>	choose the first 'source' it can find, since none was given. This leads
> >>to all four VICs choosing Source0 (probably) and 3 of them will not be
> >>able to get it and will complain by putting up a selector box to choose
> >>another source. So, you go ahead and choose another source, i.e. Source1
> >>for the first one you have to alter, then Source2 for the other one etc.
> >>All 4 VICs will then be up and running. Unfortunately you will need to
> >>this EVERY TIME you change venues. If it drives you crazy, use a Linux
> >>box for video from multiple sources.
> >>
> >>	Derek
> >>
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