[AG-TECH] more on multi-input capture.

Gurcharan S. Khanna Gurcharan.S.Khanna at Dartmouth.EDU
Fri Jul 15 20:53:58 CDT 2005


the x11 thing is from earlier unix versions where x11 might 
be running. in that case, x11 is the display device and vic 
can grab it (i think it wants you to set the coordinate 
limits) like a screen capture and send it (like vnc sort 

whether this works when running a version of x11 under 
windows, i'm not sure. there are various x11 
implementations for windows, such as hummingbird, 
reflections, xwin, etc. x11 on the mac is similar in that 
sense but a little more "native" than under windows i would 


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---"Supreeya Miller" <Supreeya.Miller at usm.edu> wrote ---

No.  I did not play with this as much as I wanted to.  I 
did not understand
about the whole x11 thing on Windows either.  May be some 
experts out there
could help answering :)

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thanks, Supreeya.
you didn't happen to test whether the display/capture 
software that comes
with the Osprey 230s works with the VFW drivers, did you?
x11 on a Win box.  how intriguing!


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