David Nguyen davidn at astate.edu
Fri Jul 15 10:49:46 CDT 2005

Has anyone seen this before?  Cert is the same on all 3 nodes.


GSS Major Status: Authentication FailedGSS Minor Status Error
Chain:accept_sec_context.c:170: gss_accept_sec_context: SSLv3 handshake
problemsglobus_i_gsi_gss_utils.c:881: globus_i_gsi_gss_handshake: Unable
to verify remote side's credentialsglobus_i_gsi_gss_utils.c:854:
globus_i_gsi_gss_handshake: SSLv3 handshake problems: Couldn't do ssl
handshakeOpenSSL Error: s3_srvr.c:1810: in library: SSL routines,
function SSL3_GET_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE: no certificate
globus_i_gsi_callback_handshake_callback: Could not verify
credentialglobus_gsi_callback.c:420: globus_i_gsi_callback_cred_verify:
The certificate is not yet valid: Cert with subject: /O=Access
Grid/OU=agdev-ca.mcs.anl.gov/OU=astate.edu/CN=David Nguyen/CN=proxy is
not yet valid- check clock skew between hosts.



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