[AG-TECH] RAT crashes

Jason Norton ucyijan at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Jul 15 05:20:46 CDT 2005

I am having consistant crashes with RAT (current version of AG2 tool Kit) 
during My AG sessions.

The crash's are not time consistant and either result in the RAT tool 
crashing and giving an XP error window or just freezing.

However the crashes only occur when I am have the audio source as my 
Creative SB-Live card. When I use a logitech USB headset RAT fuctions 
without causing any problems.

Does RAT create any crash log files that I can look and possibly post? If 
so where may I find them?

If not can RAT be run in a debug mode to try to catch the errors?

or does anyone know from the start what the problem maybe. I tried moving 
the soundcard to another machine and running the audio service there, but 
the crashes followed the RAT.

Many thanks in advance


Jason Norton
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