[AG-TECH] Multi Display Cards Recommendation

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Fri Jul 15 01:56:21 CDT 2005

I havent tried but... r u sure u wanna do that?
The PCI bus maximun data transfer is 132 MB (shared by all the slots), I'm 
unsure the performance problem we got with the Nvidia Quadro NVS (that is a 
Quad PCI card) was that particular limit or other.
Maybe two dual cards? one PCI and an AGP? (if u plan to use OpenGL or 
something... does it work in both cards?, maybe the one that was 
installed?... I'm not sure about these issues).

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>I am working on this issue with Matrox pretty closely.  See my forum
> thread here.
> http://forum.matrox.com/mga/viewtopic.php?t=16219
> So this can be solved with an upgrade to the VIC?
> Another question about Multimonitor... I am ready at this point to junk
> the matrox cards and get 4 individual PCI video cards.  My display box has
> plenty of empty PCI.  Is anyone using this approach and which cards do you
> find to work the best?
> Thanks,
> Jim
> Natalia Costas Lago wrote:
>> We bought a Matrox QID PCIe Low Profile and got the same problem. It 
>> seems we found a workaround that was to replace VIC 1.1.3 by VIC 1.1.6 (i 
>> got this version from UCL mbone tools that is more or less the same but a 
>> few changes).
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>>> We used XP sp2, Asus mainboards, 3.0ghz intel cpu etc etc.
>>> Im sure i sure 1 or 2 posts from someone else about this issue and that 
>>> there possibly was a fix, but we never tested it out.
>>> I think the post stated links to 2 upgraded versions of vic that they 
>>> stated fixed the problem, but it wasnt clear that they were in fact 
>>> running in independentat screen mode to see the problem.
>>> As for the resolution matrox claim there is a tool on thier wesbite that 
>>> allows you to add this custom resoltuion, but i aint testededd it.
>>> For what it is worth my opinion is that if you aint gonna use one of the 
>>> vic variations that allow greater than 388x252 pixel capture you should 
>>> not look to use anyhting higher than 1280x1024.
>>> Peter
>>> >>  Hi Peter, I realize this is a month later... but going  back through
>>> >>  messages I found yours.
>>> >>  Well, I can confirm this behavior as well with the product now
>>> having >> just
>>> >>  gotten the card in one of our nodes to try. I haven't tried that
>>> >>  resolution though, but have the screen corruption you talked
>>> about. >> Did
>>> >>  it happen with any other application besides Vic?Any fix to this 
>>> >> problem?
>>> >>  Seemed to duplicate from screens 1 to 2 and 3 to 4. So we had to 
>>> >> resort
>>> >>  to the stretch  mode and since our setup was just 2 projectors and 2
>>> >>  monitors we went with 2x2 such that the windows taskbar stayed on 
>>> >> the
>>> >>  operator monitors and had to drag stuff "up" to the projectors. >>
>>> Annoying
>>> >>  for me, but worked.
>>> >>  Which OS were you doing this on?
>>> >>  Thanks, John Q.
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