[AG-TECH] windows x64

Michael J. McMahon Jr. freakizoid3 at charter.net
Thu Jul 14 17:54:59 CDT 2005

Hi Cindy,

	I'm actually just starting to play with the inSORS software on a new
Windows XP Pro x64 machine. I haven't put the software on it yet, but I can
tell you that the largest hurdle that you'll face is making sure that you
have 64-bit drivers for all the hardware. Since the x64 versions of Windows
use the 64-bit addressing scheme and various other fun innovations, any
hardware that you have MUST have a Windows x64 driver, which is usually on
the manufacturer's website for the device.
	I'll be beginning my hunt for such drivers soon and I can let you
know how it goes. But I'd expect a fair performance boost for AG stuff under
the 64-bit OS and hardware.

Michael J. McMahon Jr. 
A.K.A. "The Ruler of All Hyperspace" 

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