[AG-TECH] more on multi-input capture.

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Wed Jul 13 14:54:27 CDT 2005

	It will happen regardless of the type of capture device, just so that's 
clear. If you have more than one device that captures video, if it's a 
USB camera or capture card, then you'll have that problem with Windows.


Fred Dech wrote:
> hi Derek.
> i see.  that's useful information.  the EVERY TIME clause is a real
> drag, though.  in the case i'm thinking about, using linux is not an
> option.
> thanks, though.
> --fred
> On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 02:15PM, Derek Piper said:
>>	No, I explained how that part works my previous post. Maybe a 
>>	diagram would be good.
>>VIC -> 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture' -> Source0
>>VIC -> 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture' -> Source1
>>VIC -> 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture' -> Source2
>>VIC -> 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture' -> Source3
>>	VIC only binds to 'Microsoft WDM Image Capture', *it doesn't know 
>>	about the sources beyond that*. Upon invocation, the WDM driver will choose 
>>the first 'source' it can find, since none was given. This leads to all 
>>four VICs choosing Source0 (probably) and 3 of them will not be able to 
>>get it and will complain by putting up a selector box to choose another 
>>source. So, you go ahead and choose another source, i.e. Source1 for the 
>>first one you have to alter, then Source2 for the other one etc. All 4 
>>VICs will then be up and running. Unfortunately you will need to do this 
>>EVERY TIME you change venues. If it drives you crazy, use a Linux box 
>>for video from multiple sources.
>>	Derek

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