[AG-TECH] Quick test... and query

Steven Eggerling seggerling at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 12:04:22 CDT 2005

Would someone be available to pop into the ANL Test Room sometime
between 1PM and 3PM CDT to let me know if they can see my video
streams (Peter Kiewit Institute - 161)?

I believe we are having strange multicast issues. I am able to view
(VIC) and hear (RAT) other Access Grid nodes, but at the same time
they cannot view or hear me. I can communicate AG node-to-node on the
same subnet without any problems (both A/V).

We have also started a multicast beacon on one machine. The loss is 0%
between this machine and all users. However, the delay shows as
"impossible data" between this machine and all users.

After working with our networking people, I am looking for some more
fresh ideas to remedy this problem.

Steven J. Eggerling
Access Grid/IT Administrator
UNL Department of Computer & Electronics Engineering
Web: http://ceen.unomaha.edu/

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