[AG-TECH] AGTk2.3 and InSors

Brian Gleason bgleason at insors.com
Fri Jan 21 13:50:06 CST 2005

Hi Rob and fellow AG'ers,

IG nodes should have no issues connecting to the new AG2 venues.  The public
rooms on the ANL venue (i.e. Full Sail, Windmer, Test etc) kept the same IP
and port information so this is easily accomplished.  The same is true for
the NCSA public virtual rooms (i.e. Cosmic Voyage, Landspout etc)  IG nodes
choose the rooms via the IG Venue and choose "Multicast" or "Bridged" for
room entry.  There have been issues with the newly created institution rooms
on the ANL venue.  These rooms have multicast IP spaces dynamically created
upon entry into the virtual space.  Initially IG nodes would have to wait
until the room IP and port information was created and enter the information
through our manual bridge venue for room entry.  While this can still be
done we have now have an automated venue for entry into both the ANL public
spaces and institution rooms.  We are just finishing up final testing and
documentation for this new service and it will be publicly available very
soon.  My contact information is below so feel free to contact me should
anyone want to discuss this matter further.  Thanks!  Brian
Brian Gleason
inSORS Integrated Communications, Inc.
111 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 1412
Chicago, IL 60604
Office:  312-786-9169 x110
Mobile:  312-560-6951
E-mail:  bgleason at insors.com
WWW:  www.insors.com

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Hi All,

Has anyone had recent experience with compatability between AGTk2.3 and
InSors nodes? Are there any known problems?

Are InSors nodes able to access AG2 venues, and vice versa?


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