[AG-TECH] Re: unicas question

Dioselin Gonzalez dioselin at purdue.edu
Wed Jan 19 10:54:44 CST 2005

Thank you everybody for your responses!

With this distance learning project, we want to create an interactive 
environment with a strong sense of presence.  And I think we could use 
AGJuggler :o)

This is the description:

"We will build a system that extends the real classroom to accommodate 
remotely located students. The system will convey to both remote and 
local participants a strong sense that the remote participants are 
actually present in the classroom. The sense of presence will be enabled by:
* Interactivity: The system will support high-bandwidth, low-latency, 
uninterrupted, and secure communication between the participants.
* High-quality graphics:  The system will provide realistic visual 
descriptions of the classroom, instructor, students, and of the lecture 
materials by combining segmented high-resolution real-time video with 
pre-downloaded photorealistic 3D models and with presentation materials "

So yes, we want the remote students to not only watch video but 
participate.  As John Q. said, bandwith is going to be an issue and we 
will probably have to require them to have more than just dial up 

Here at Purdue, Dwight is working on installing a bridge server.  So I 
will keep doing tests and send you lots and more questions :)



Andrew Rowley wrote:

>Access Grid uses incoming and outgoing UDP packets.  Whether this will work
>will depend on your ISP configuration.  It could be that your ISP blocks all
>UDP traffic to and from your computer.  Alternatively, it could be that you
>are using Network Address Translation (NAT) on a router to access the
>internet.  In this case you will need to tell your router to forward the UDP
>packets on the appropriate ports to your computer.  Note that the way in
>which AGTk 2.3 works means that the ports that need to be opened/forwarded
>might change each time you use Access Grid, even if you use the same venue.
>This means you might need to reconfigure your router each time you access
>the room.  
>Once you have selected "Use Unicast" from the "Preferences" menu, you can
>find out which ports you need to open/forward by going to "Properties" on
>the "Venue" menu.
>If you tell me how your internet access is configured at home, I might be
>able to give you more information...
>Andrew :)
>Access Grid Support Centre,
>RSS Group,
>Manchester Computing,
>Kilburn Building,
>University of Manchester,
>Oxford Road,
>M13 9PL, 
>Tel: +44(0)161-275 0685
>Email: Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk 

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