[AG-TECH] I im desperate need of help

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 4 08:52:41 CST 2005


As Martin said, you should be able to run a bridge in the venue.  If neither site has 
working multicast, they could both connect to the bridge.

Did this work out for you?


Martin Polak wrote:
> Alan Kraft wrote:
>> We want to have a faculty member who is in
>> Germany teach a class here at Valparaiso University
>> using AG.  Our IT people have been fumbling
>> around trying to get Multicasting working.  We
>> start classes in about a week and HAVE to get
>> this going.  My need for help is:  Can we
>> do a point-to-point session without multicasting?
>> If so, what do we need to setup at each end to
>> do it?  Once we get multicasting going we will use
>> that mode but we desperately need at least a point-to-
>> point mode going VERY, VERY soon!!!
>> Alan Kraft
>> Valparaiso University
> Perhaps the site in germany could setup a multicast bridge-server for 
> their venue?
> Then you just have to select "Use Unicast" in the venueclient and it 
> will work.
> What you can also do, is start vic and rat manually
> vic -t127 unicastadr/port
> rat -t127 unicastadr/port
> as sort of workarround on both sides. But you cannot use shared apps 
> that way round as far as I see.
> greets,

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