[AG-TECH] Polycom Soundstation / Setting Line In As Default

Marie-Noelle Dauphin dauphin at idris.fr
Thu Dec 22 07:19:32 CST 2005

hello  Anne ,

the 3 Nov 2005  Adam Carter answered to my question on ag-tech at mcs.anl.gov 

"In the rat window, below the "Talk" check-box, there is the name of the input
source. You can change this by clicking on the little black arrows. Rat
remembers this setting and automatically re-sets the audio source every time
it is started. Changing this value in rat DOES CHANGE the value in the
Windows mixer, but changing the value in the mixer DOES NOT CHANGE the value
in rat. So... make the change in rat, and you'll only have to make it once."

It was a good answer for my problem ,hopefully that solves your problem !


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