[AG-TECH] Quality Assurance Testing of Access Grids

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Mon Dec 12 20:04:46 CST 2005

Dear Colleagues

As some of you may be aware, I have been developing a Quality Assurance
Process for Access Grids to help improve the overall AccessGrid
experience.  Well I am happy to announce to I have began quality
assurance testing some of the Australian Access Grids.

Dues to complications, I have had to setup and configured a temporary
website (http://accessgrid-qa.cqu.edu.au/) that lists all of the Access
Grids that have been quality assured, which also has a link to it from
the agcentral website. The webpage reads data from a database that
contains all of the results from each of the QA Tests conducted.

I have just finished Quality Assurance testing of the UQueensland AG
node in which it has now been given Quality Assured Status.

It is hoped that in the New Year, with the help of others, I might also
be able to instruct/train other AG colleagues to become testers of
Access Grids within their own region. 

I am hopeful that once a few technique difficulties are resolved, that
everything, including that QA database and results, will reside on AG
central.  A "Green" tick that will reside beside each of the AG nodes
within the agcentral node listings will indicate a node that has been
quality assured. 

Those who would like more information on the Quality Assured process,
you are welcome to investigate the following:

*	http://agcentral.org/Members/jbell/qatesting/agtest to find
out the requirements for the quality assurance process.

*	http://agcentral.org/help/tutorial/qualityhelper to obtain
hints and tips on getting your Access Grid Node up to the required high

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your time,


Jason Bell, B.I.T.
B. Info. Tech. (Honours) Student

Network Engineer
Information Technology Division
Central Queensland University

High Performance Computing Support Officer
Central Queensland University

Research Assistant to the Nonlinear
Intelligent Systems Research Group 
Faculty of Informatics & Communication
Central Queensland University

E-mail : j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Phone : 07 4930 9229


Patience is a virtue.

But if I wanted Patience,
I would have become a Doctor.


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