[AG-TECH] iTuner Spectra 8 and IDS Falcon Quattro under Windows XP whining

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I sent this to the list with a bunch of images attached and
it didn't make it through (probably best). I've edited it
a bit and the long version is now on a web page (the URL is

I have both an IDS Falcon Quattro and an iTuner Spectra 8
which I'm experimenting with under WinXP on different machines. 
They both behave pretty much the same way for me (and not 
satisfactorily) so first I'm wondering if anyone has a configuration
running WinXP that can actually deliver 3 or 4 good quality streams.
If so could you let me know the magic in terms of hardware/software/
registry-hacks that you used to make it go (at least for the Spectra)?
Secondly, I know that there are a number of people who run Linux
with the iTuner card: are there any tricks to getting 4 streams
out under Linux? Is a 2.6 kernel compiled with VfL and the
0.9.something version of the bttv driver enough or is there more to 
make it work? I know the Falcon works (for 3 streams anyway) with
the bttv 0.7.something drivers and a 2.4 kernel.

The long description of what is happening can be found at:
and some images of the steps that I describe.
Basically under XP, I add 4 video producers and I get 2 good color
streams, one jumpy b/w stream and vic eventually gives up on trying 
to connect to the video source for one input. The b/w stream is
always the input labelled Vin 1 on the Spectra card and the one that
chokes is always Vin 4.

I'd appreciate any help in getting all 4 streams working on these
(at least the Spectra) cards.
Yes, I should have got a Videum ...


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