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You may need to set up your node to send video:
1) Load up the toolkit and click on "Preferences --> Manage My Node..."
2) Click on "Service --> Add..." and select the "VideoProducerService".  
3) Select your camera or select "Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)" - it 
   will probably be the only one.
Now, when you connect to a venue, you will have two VIC windows.

If you also cannot receive video, this could be due to other issues:
If you are in Windows XP and you can receive and send audio but can only
send video, this is probably because you are unlucky and vic is selecting
the wrong interface to use.  There are two solutions to this:
1) Disable all interfaces except the one you connect to the internet with;
2) Install Windows XP service pack 2 (I have not tried this).

This could be also be due to all sorts of other problems such as firewall
issues or multicast problems.  It is usually best to disable your firewall
to see if this helps (of course this opens your computer to all sorts of
traffic).  If your network is not multicast enabled then you could try using
a bridge by selecting "Unicast" from the "Preferences" menu.  If this is
greyed out, it will mean that there is no bridge available from the venue
server you are connected to.

Andrew G D Rowley :)

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I am trying to configure an Access Grid node
on a computer here at Valparaiso University.
I am using the internal sound card and a
simple webcam to get started.  The audio seems
to work but I can't get any video.  Can someone
give me some direction on where to get started
to solve this problem?  Thanks is advance.

Al Kraft

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