[AG-TECH] VIC w/AGTk 2.3 for WinXP not finding camera

Andrew Rowley Andrew.Rowley at man.ac.uk
Wed Sep 22 07:45:41 CDT 2004


Did you go through the personal node setup?

If not:
1) Load up the toolkit and click on "Preferences --> Manage My Node..."
2) Click on "Service --> Add..." and select the "VideoProducerService".  
3) Select your camera or select "Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)" - it 
   will probably be the only one.

Now, when you connect to a venue, you will have two VIC windows.

Andrew G D Rowley :)

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I have AGTk2.3 installed on my Windows XP laptop. I have a USB 
Philips ToUcam Pro 740K plugged in. The OS and other apps like MSN 
Messenger have no problem getting video from it.

But VIC does not see the camera. The TRANSMIT button is grayed out.

Do I need to do something to get VIC to use the camera ?


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