[AG-TECH] --insecure and nodeservices

David G Mills dgm at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Sep 17 08:07:07 CDT 2004

When running AccessGrid with the '--insecure' flag not all services are 
notified of this and continue to try and run over https. This include the 
AGServiceManager that contols both the audio and video services, as well 
as the EventClient and potentially others that I've yet to discover.

Are there plans to have the --insecure flag be passed to the other 
services so that they too know when to run over http and not https, or is 
there any system yet to be implemented that will have a similar affect. 
Essentially would I be wasting my time on something that you guys are also 
working on, or are there no plans as yet to looking into this area?



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