[AG-TECH] recording an agn session

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Sep 17 12:58:51 CDT 2004

That's a good point, in order to do this in the AG you'd have to write some
code that would basically filter the streams out of a session -- we have
this in the works now (a Video Stream Selection Service) -- and if you can
describe how you would like this to work we can consider it as a use
case/requirements dicussion of the service.

Great idea. 


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> > We have not worked on a solution for a single stream of 
> video because 
> > that's outside the expectations of what we're trying to 
> build. Can you 
> > elaborate why you would want only one stream?
> Because very often only one or two video streams are really 
> relevant, the other ones showing people eating sandwiches or 
> sleeping on their desk ;-)
> RAT saves the audio just fine, I'm only missing a solution 
> which takes care of one or two of the VIC video streams 
> (multiplexing can be done later).
> Kasper

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