[AG-TECH] WinXP sp2?

Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Thu Sep 16 14:54:02 CDT 2004

AG seemed to work on XP-SP2; however, the biggest issue I found is there 
seems to be no way of allowing a block of ports through the XP firewall. 
  From what I can see, each port must be individually allowed through 
the firewall....

While most of the connections are 'firewall friendly'... the streams use 
RTP port pairs - so you have to tell the firewall about the additional 

Its not really a practical solution to enter the ports individually if 
the venueserver you are connecting to selects random ports from a range 
50000 to ~65000.

I've only preliminarily investigated this... however this problem seems 
to be confirmed at this article:

If anyone has a work around I'd be interested to hear!

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Randy Groves wrote:
> I guess that we can infer from Ivan's comments about 2.3 on sp2 that 
> this is considered a 'supported' environment?
> Any issues/pointers with setup of the firewall and/or other of the 
> security features?
> -randy

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