[AG-TECH] Gnome launchers in FC2

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Sep 16 04:02:14 CDT 2004

Hi Jim,

> Just tried that... didn't work.  The AGServiceManager dies as soon as I 
> bring up the Venue Client on the control box.... Same issue.

I managed to reproduce what you describe on Fedora Core 2, interestingly it 
seems to work fine on Fedora Core 1.

I used 'strace -f -p <pid>' to see what the differences are between starting 
AGServiceManager.py from the command-line and from the Gnome window manager. 
For strace output see:


You'll see with the the version started from the window manager, there is an 
'exit_group(0)' call which doesn't exist in the version started from the 

Attaching to (the launched from the window manager) AGServiceManager.py 
using strace has the side-effect of not closing the window and 
AGServiceManager.py will continue running happily (albeit more slowly).

A workaround is use a shell script wrapper for AGServiceManager.py, like:
/usr/bin/AGServiceManager.py $@

You could then modify 'VenueServer-Debug.desktop' located in:
and change the "Exec=VenueServer.py -d" line to something like 
"Exec=VenueServer.sh -d"

I haven't yet worked out what the correct fix is or why it is happening.

>> At 03:36 PM 9/14/2004, Jim Miller wrote:
>>> I am having problems with the launchers in Gnome.  If I open an xterm or 
>>> a gnome-terminal and run Service Manager by physically typing 
>>> AGServiceManager.py everything works fine.  However, If I try to run 
>>> servicemanager from the menu items or create a launcher myself, the 
>>> AGServiceManager will run and listen on port 11000, but as soon as the 
>>> VenueClient tries to communicate with the ServiceManager, the terminal 
>>> window disappears and the AGServiceManager.py script dies.  I have tried 
>>> creating Gnome application launchers for the AGServiceManager.py script 
>>> as well as created a launcher to run just a basic xterm that runs 
>>> AGServiceManager (xterm -e AGServiceManager.py)
>>> I get the same result for both.
>>> Any Ideas?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jim


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