[AG-TECH] Security granularity on venue server

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Wed Sep 8 16:18:43 CDT 2004

If I am in the administrators group for the venue server (in the Venue 
Management console), shouldn't I also by default be in the administrators 
group for each venue?  Or do I have to add an 'Administrator' role to each 
venue I wish to admin?

Here's the situation.  I have a venue server (2.3b2) that has my user in 
the administrators role for the whole venue server.  From another machine, 
I can run the venue management console and manage the venue server.

But if I enter a venue with the venue client, and try to 'Administrate 
Roles' it tells me that 'Only venue administrators are allowed to modify 
roles'.  And, if I look at the venue in the management console, there is a 
'Registered Users' role, but no 'Administrators' role.


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