[AG-TECH] Room-based node management questions

Victor M. Babson, Jr. vbabson at secsg.uga.edu
Wed Sep 8 14:30:53 CDT 2004


So I have 2.2 installed on a linux box (video) and windows box (audio and display).

Under Windows:
When running the NodeSetupWizard, I set the one video feed from the linux box to television.  Once I have completed the configuration, the /dev/video device shows television.  However, it's a blue screen.  I can save this configuration and it saves it, but it's not actually the television port that's being fed.

I go back to my linux box:
The vic menus are popped up (is this expected/desired?)  I make the port change from composite1 to television and my video feeds through just fine (I can't do this from my Windows box).  If I were to close the VenueClient, and open it right back up, I have to do this all over again.

It seems that I can't tell the video machine to use port television and leave it there.  I'm trying to setup an easy interface that allows users to fire up the VenueClient and everything "just work". Anyone else seeing this same behavior?

Should I try 2.3?  Any help/comments are appreciated.


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