[AG-TECH] questions for September Townhall

Dioselin Gonzalez dioselin at purdue.edu
Mon Sep 6 19:21:39 CDT 2004

Hello, I have a couple of questions about programming shared 
applications I would like to discuss:

1. GetApplicationID() in sharedApplicationClient:
This functions makes a call to its appProxy.GetId and passes an 
argument, however the server returns an error because this function 
doesn’t take an argument. A comment in the file says: “Check GetState 
instead of GetId; GetId exists on old servers but with no private id as 
argument”. What should developers do?

2. sharedAppClient.GetData():
This function reads data from the venue server and stores it in a local 
cache. When reading from the cache, it doesn’t check whether the data 
has changed, and so it always returns the first value it ever gets. When 
a client makes an update using SetData, other clients will still get the 
old one. What should I use if my application has one client constantly 
updating data and other clients need to read the latest value of this data?

3. Shared applications need to maintain a lot of info about the session, 
participants, application-specific data, etc. For the wish list, I would 
like to have a more complex data store, something like a database server 
that lets me execute queries :o) How can I approach this?

Thank you!


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