[AG-TECH] Logitech Pro 4000 w/linux q

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Fri Sep 3 11:07:15 CDT 2004

Fred Dech said:
> hi.
> i finally stole a webcam (Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000) from a Windows box
> and stuck it into the USB port of as newly rebuilt Fedora C2 machine.
> i do have pwc module on my system.  but when i try and view with either
> xawtv --device /dev/video0 or with VIC i get solid black with xawtv and
> 'green' with VIC/VideoService or VIC/VideoProducerService.
> xawtv gives me a bunch of:
> ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=120;width=160;format=5): Invalid
> argument
> ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=120;width=160;format=4): Invalid
> argument
> ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=120;width=160;format=1): Invalid
> argument
> ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=120;width=160;format=13): Invalid
> argument

You'll need to get the binary pwcx kernel module as well.

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