[AG-TECH] AGTk 2.3 BETA 2 for Fedora Released

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Sep 1 20:55:10 CDT 2004

Hi Todd,

> I was wondering if there is a plan/roadmap for what will be happening with 
> the Fedora releases - especially since FC3 test 1 is out.  Will FC2 be 
> supported long term - or will we have to migrate to FC3 when it is 
> released?

Currently two sets of AGTk RPMs are being maintained for FC1 and FC2. The 
reasons being:

1. FC1 Python 2.2  -  FC2 Python 2.3
different python site-packages dir and different dependencies.

2. FC1 XFree86  -  FC2 X.Org
wxPython/wxWidgets built against XFree86 doesn't work with X.Org

3. FC1 Gnome2 VFS  -  FC2 XDG menus
Different KDE/Gnome menu file layouts.

In September, Red Hat is going to hand over FC1 to the Fedora Legacy 
Project, so there aren't going to be any more FC1 updates from Red Hat. 
After AGTk 2.3 is released, I won't be making anymore AGTk RPMs for FC1 
because of the previous comment and the fact that the AG developers aren't 
using Python 2.2 anymore on any of their development platforms.

RedHat Enterprise version 3 and FC1 users will still be able to build the 
Fedora AGTk RPM packages from CVS.

I anticipate the AGTk FC2 RPMs will just work on FC3, so I won't need to 
maintain two sets of RPMs. I may need to make a pyUNO RPM specifically for 
FC3 which matches FC3's OpenOffice version.

> Just trying to get a handle on whether Fedora is a long term solution for 
> some of our servers, or whether I would be better off selecting an OS that 
> is more stable.

The main problems with FC2 are related to the teething problems with Linux 
kernel 2.6. The updates have been coming down thick and fast, I imagine it 
is going to slow down with FC3 which should be more stable.


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