[AG-TECH] Insecure AGTk?

Socrates Varakliotis S.VarakliotiS at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Sep 1 19:58:51 CDT 2004


> There is an --insecure option for both the VenueClient and VenueServer.
> The insecure option uses http for soap communications and
> considerably speeds up actions such as entering a venue.

Thanks for the hint.

> But, with
> the current toolkit, there are a few AGTk components (such as the
> EventService and TextService) that need to be be modified to avoid all
> need for security, so globus and a globus proxy are still required at
> this time.

Does this mean, though, that the current CVS AGTk would actually work, even
in "nearly insecure" mode? Or, that it will need to have changes applied to
make it work.

As a quick test, I've just checked out the current snapshot and the Client
doesn't "see" the Server (both started with --insecure).

Maybe anyone else with experience in AGTk insecure mode would also like to


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