[AG-TECH] libcrypto.so.2 not found.

Adam Taylor accessgrid at ulm.edu
Fri Oct 29 14:20:20 CDT 2004


It looks like to me you need to install openssl on your system.  As far as I
know, that provides that library.

Adam Taylor
Computing Center
University of Louisiana at Monroe.

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i'm trying to build accessgrid on NetBSD platform. i have the binaries which
are listed below:

collinsia: {116} ls
AGNodeService.py           NodeManagement.py          VenueManagement.py
AGServiceManager.py        NodeSetupWizard.py         VenueServer.py
BridgeServer.py            QuickBridge                agpm.py
CertificateRequestTool.py  VenueClient.py             certmgr.py

I have python version installed which is present at the following location :
/home/psham/pkg/bin/python2p2 . Its called python2p2 as the python 2.2.3
version is compiled with pthreads.

i've got optik, fpconst and other python packages installed at the following

this is the problem that i'm facing:

collinsia: {117} python2p2 AGNodeService.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "AGNodeService.py", line 28, in ?
    from AccessGrid.Toolkit import Service
  File "/home/psham/pkg/lib/python2p2/site-packages/AccessGrid/Toolkit.py",
line 22, in ?
    from AccessGrid.Security import CertificateManager
Manager.py", line 48, in ?
    from OpenSSL_AG import crypto
  File "/home/psham/pkg/lib/python2p2/site-packages/OpenSSL_AG/__init__.py",
line 11, in ?
    import rand, crypto, SSL
ImportError: Shared object "libcrypto.so.2" not found

its finding the python packages /home/psham/pkg/lib/python2p2/site-packages
properly, but fails when it tries to find libraries. could somebody help me
in case i'm doing anything wrong or is it that there's a specific place
where the libraries should go.


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