[AG-TECH] AG 2.3 videoproducer problem on Debian

Victor M. Babson, Jr. vbabson at secsg.uga.edu
Tue Oct 19 14:51:48 CDT 2004

Gavin and others,

I have an XP box that seems to be functioning just fine.  I have recently setup a Debian box that serves as my video server.

I can see my video using xawtv, so that parts working.

When I try to add the video box as a service manager, I can do so successfully.

When I attempt to add a videoproducer, I am prompted with my expected 5 choices (video0, video1, video2, video3, x11)

When trying to choose video0 (my only feed), I get an error.  I've attached the VenueClient output from the XP machine.

Any help would be appreciated.

I've noticed when I start the AGServiceManager on the Debian box that it responds with https://.localhost.localdomain....

Should it show https://video.dns.name... ??

Thanks in advance!!


Victor M. Babson, Jr.
Project Coordinator
Management Info. Specialist
University of Georgia
Biochemistry & Mol. Biology
B203 Life Science Bldg.
Athens, GA  30602
(706) 542-6565
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