[AG-TECH] What computers?

Adam Taylor accessgrid at ulm.edu
Fri Oct 15 13:27:46 CDT 2004

We have three Dell 650N workstation (Dual 2.6 Ghz 1 Gig of ram(will be two
soon I hope).  The integrated audio works great on the grid(not one single
problem when tested on linux (FC2 or XP).  It has 2 PCI and 3 PCI-X slots
but as long as your capture cards have a 3.3V notch they will work either in
the regular PCI or the PCI-X slots.  We have 5 pinnacle(sp?) PCTV-PRO cards
running in it and it runs without any problems.  We do have FC2 on that box
but that's just because XP wouldn't see all 5 at once.  Each system also
came with 6 USB 2.0 ports and 2 firewire ports per computer.  That should
hopefully be enough for all of your other input devices. 

Hope this helps

Adam Taylor
Computing Center
University of Louisiana at Monroe

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We are in the middle of constructing a large room style AG site. We are at
the point now that we need to purchase the computers. What do people
recommend? We will have 5 cameras, and several other input devices. We have
22 channel of wireless sound, and 3 projectors. Money is not an issues.
Stephen Pinsky
Ohio Center for Theoretical Science
Pinsky.1 at osu.edu

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