[AG-TECH] Gentoo or Fedora

George Estes gestes at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Oct 15 10:43:37 CDT 2004

  We've had AG2.3 on Fedora2 for awhile now with no problems, knock on wood.  Very easy to install and setup, big thanks to Douglas Kosovic
and yum.


At 08:25 AM 10/15/2004 -0700, Bruce Donald Campbell wrote:
>Hi Monika,
>We had a working AG node from version 2.1.2, but were worried about security holes in RedHat 7.3. We upgraded to Fedora Core RC 2 and the 2.3 AG release and are still working out the bugs after ten hours invested. We are thinking about falling back, but don't really want to.
>>Thinking about upgrading the "good old" Linux capture boxes to 2.3,
>>what would you guys suggest Gentoo or Fedora? Any pros and cons?
>So, so far, no real cons except for a supposedly more secure operating system.
>Cheers, Bruce
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