[AG-TECH] room node cameras

David McNabb mcnabb at umd.edu
Wed Oct 13 14:00:10 CDT 2004

We use the SONY evi-D100.

BTW, did you mean Canon VC-C4?
We use those as well. I don't know if
the VC-C4's  are still available, but
they are still listed on Canon web


along with the VC-C50i, VB-C10, and VB-C50i

  --David McNabb

David McNabb
Project Lead, UMAGI
UM Access Grid Initiative
Office of Information Technology
University of Maryland
College Park, MD, USA
mcnabb at umd.edu

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in the past we've spec'd Canon CV-C4 cameras.  Canon stopped making

what other cameras are people using for room node applications?



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