[AG-TECH] Alternative to AP400 Gentner?

peirce at maine.edu peirce at maine.edu
Wed Oct 13 12:08:43 CDT 2004

We make use of ClearOne XAP800's and are very happy with them 
in our videoconferencing applications as well as with their stability 
and tech support.  

I also recall someone in the past looking for a list of differences 
between the ClearOne and the Polycom Vortex.   Attached is a 
document I've had from ClearOne describing those differences from 
their point of view.

On 13 Oct 2004 at 15:24, Steve Smith wrote:

> > Incidentally, I think the XAP400 is a bit nicer to use than the
> > AP400.
> My understanding is that the AP400 has now been completely superceded
> by the XAP400 and are only made to order now.  The XAP400 has a couple
> of other nice features like automatic leveling that can come in handy.
> Cheers,
> Steve

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