[AG-TECH] Multicast dependent on NIC?

Christoph Willing willing at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Oct 13 01:51:10 CDT 2004

While trying to diagnose some multicast connectivity issues, much board 
swapping has led us to suspect that some of the intermittence is due to 
the card itself and/or its driver.  Using the beacon server display at 
http://beacon.dast.nlanr.net as some sort of reference, all except one 
of our machines using Intel gigabit chip (PCI card or built-in) show up 
with red squares & loss of 40-60%. A change to a card with Broadcom 
chip eliminates problem completely - all squares go green.

At the moment the display at http://beacon.dast.nlanr.net  shows about 
half the beacon clients as having multiple red squares with 40-60% 
loss. According to my theory, these machines are using Linux with Intel 
gigabit chips.

Are any beacon users able to check this?


Christoph Willing                        Ph: +61 7 3365 8350
QPSF Access Grid Manager
University of Queensland

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