[AG-TECH] Packing shared app?

Allan Spale aspale at evl.uic.edu
Mon Oct 11 13:03:32 CDT 2004


If there is nothing too complicated, the AG packager will do.  Through
specifying the files in the .app file, any file can get placed with the
other files necessary for the shared application to operate correctly
(although I do not think that you can make directories in the base
directory where the shared app files go).  Here are some links to
presentation/documentation on packaging shared applications: 


If you have to move files to another location, I do not know if agpm will
do the job.  There could be two extremes for handling this case.  One
option could involve writing a batch script that takes directory names as
parameters that will be used in the script to move files to the proper
locations.  Another option would be to find some sort of packager that
will distribute your code and formally install it (not cross-platform
dependent, but often very Windows-specific).  One *free* packager that ANL
used for Windows packaging was Inno Setup

Research Assistant

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Dioselin Gonzalez wrote:

> Hello AG,
> What do you recommend for making an installer for my shared application?  This 
> is my situation:
> My application consists of not only .py files but also other files and folders 
> that contain images, icons, etc. If I use agpm.py, it will copy only the .py 
> files to the corresponding folder.  Tom mentioned that agpm is the standard 
> installer, so how do I tell it to copy the other directories and files as well?
> Hope I'm explaining myself clearly.
> thanks!
> Dioselin.-

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