[AG-TECH] where is AGNodeService.py in 2.3

Gavin W. Burris aka 86 ga5in at psu.edu
Fri Oct 8 14:46:11 CDT 2004

NP.  Thanks for the info.  Is this documented anywhere?  I was looking
at these docs:


Thomas Uram wrote (on Fri, 8 Oct 2004 at 13:33):
> The node service runs internal to the service manager now, to 
> consolidate the functionality of the two parts.  You can start a service 
> manager with an integrated node service by running:
> AGServiceManager.py --nodeService
> Sorry for the confusion.
> Tom
> Gavin W. Burris aka 86 wrote:
> >I just re-installed three machines for a room based node with AGTk
> >2.3.  I entered all of my user info and imported my certificates
> >through VenueClient.py on each machine.  I then ran
> >AGServiceManager.py on each machine.  When I went to run
> >AGNodeService.py on the display machine, it wasn't there in
> >'C:\Program Files\AGTk-2.3\bin'.  Have I missed something?
> >
> >Cheers,
> >  
> >

Gavin W. Burris aka 86
Senior Systems Programmer
Penn State Visualization Group

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