[AG-TECH] Crashing VIC in AG2.3

Andrew Rowley Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Oct 8 10:56:00 CDT 2004


I believe that the AG2 config starts vic transmitting.  When you run vic
manually, transmit is not enabled by default.  So it might be that you are
not getting an error because you are not transmitting anything.  Also in
AG2, if you have a videoproducer and videoconsumer service, 2 vics will be
loaded, although only one of them will be able to transmit.

The saved versions of the services (uncompressed) should be in 
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application
where <username> is your windows username and <service> is the name of the
service you want the files for.  You can also look in
VideoProducerService.py to see what is being configured.

Andrew :)

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I am having severe problems with VIC on my PIG system.
When I start up the system with Audio and Video services the Video service
instance of VIC crashes instantly with MS debug. I have seen this when using
AG 1 when it tries to startup two instance of VIC both trying to connect to
the same driver.
My query is this though. When I get vic out of the videoproducer zip files
and run it, it works fine. So what exactly does the configuration inbuilt in
AG2 do. Also where is the saved version of you service stored???
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