[AG-TECH] New Institutional Venue Server available

Andrew Rowley Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Oct 7 04:16:32 CDT 2004


I noticed that the new venue server (and possibly the old server) has a rule
that each institution is only allowed one venue.  We already have an AG 2
venue server running at our institution and I noticed that when you click on
some of the venue lobbies, you are taken to a different host name.  Is it
therefore possible for us to add a link to our venue server from yours as
our institution instead of having just one venue?


Andrew :)

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The new institutional venue server is available for use, details can be
found at:


Because of the delay in getting the server available, we'll push back
turning off institutional venues until Dec 1. This will mean that all of the
AG1 infrastructure will be available throughout SC, but disappear quickly

Please consider upgrading to 2.3 real soon now.



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