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Michael Daw michael.daw at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Oct 7 03:57:07 CDT 2004

Apologies for cross-posting.

Please note the seminar below to be held on the Access Grid. If your node
wishes to attend, please reply to me. I will send technical details (e.g.
pre-meeting test, virtual venue, presentation media, etc.) to those
interested. I *won't* post them to these lists.

Hope to see you there.



Time: 12:30 UTC/GMT
Date:  Thursday, 9th November 2004

Speakers: Dr Marinho P Barcellos

Title: High-Performance Reliable Multicast for Data-Intensive Grid Computing

Grid computing can be characterized as a distributed infrastructure that is
a collection of computing resources within or across locations that are
aggregated to act as a unified processing resource. In some of the
anticipated future Grid applications, the same data will be transmitted to
multiple sites, which can be best achieved using multicast protocols. In
this talk I will address the use of reliable multicast in the so-called
"data-intensive" Grid applications, identifying requirements and discussing
how these requirements are met by the state-of-the-art implementations.
These are evaluated and compared with TCP, in scenarios that require
high-throughput reliable dissemination. Unlike previous work, the research
described considers the use of reliable multicast in high-performance Grid
scenarios: it provides a practical comparison of protocols and, to assess
their suitability, describes experiments in two real-life network
environments relevant to Grid applications, SuperJanet, a high-speed WAN,
and a Gigabit LAN.


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