[AG-TECH] stream information from the venue

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Oct 5 22:50:56 CDT 2004

For all of you who have wondered how they were going to deal with dynamic
addressing, or how to find out what the stream information is for a given
venue, here is an example that should show you how _simple_ it is to get the
information from the venue.

This code is available from

import os, sys
from optparse import Option

from AccessGrid.Venue import VenueIW
from AccessGrid.Toolkit import CmdlineApplication

# Initialize
app = CmdlineApplication()
urlOption = Option("-u", "--url", dest="url", default=None,
                   help="Specify a venue url on the command line.")
args = app.Initialize()

venueUrl = app.GetOption("url")
if venueUrl is None:
    print "Exiting, no url specified."

venueClient = VenueIW(venueUrl)

streams = venueClient.GetStreams()

for s in streams:
    print "Stream: ", s.AsINIBlock()

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