[AG-TECH] MPEG4 video services

Barz Hsu barz at nchc.org.tw
Tue Oct 5 09:48:50 CDT 2004

Sure, it is very likely to port this service into Windows.
I believe that only some modifications of "makefile.vc" are needed.
If there is anyone who wants to do this job, you can download source code from


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Is this available / ever likely to become available for Windows?

Andrew :)

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As some of you saw at the AG retreat, Barz Hsu of NCHC in Taiwan has 
added support for MPEG4 into vic.  This vic has been wrapped in MPEG4 
services for the Access Grid software; these service packages can be 
found on the AG wiki page:


Note that if you send MPEG4 streams, users of the older vic won't be 
able to see you, so you shouldn't use these services in a production 

Barz Hsu has said he's interested in hearing responses from people who 
use the MPEG4 vic; his email address is listed on the wiki page and on 
the cc line.

Thanks Barz!


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