[AG-TECH] RE Access Grid Hardware, expensive

Marie-Noelle Dauphin dauphin at idris.fr
Mon Oct 4 07:50:38 CDT 2004

hi Michael ,thank's for your response 

> Hi Marie-Noelle
> Here is a run down of machines that we currently use with configurations.
> Cardiffs configurations with AG2.3 software.
> We have been running a number of different configurations. As perminent
> nodes
> Our main grid node is the standard 4 machine configuration.
> Our display machine has 6 video heads
> (One Quadra 4 head PCI card and 1 Matrox G450 dual head). On a dual
> Pentium III 1Gig processors.
> Never had a problem with this. Running under XP. With a 1 Gig Ethernet Card

> The video capture has 4 Hauppage Capture cards (Original spec) running
> under Fedora again Dual P3 1Gig. With 100 M Ethercard

why do you choose to run  linux fedora on it ? and not windows XP ..

> The Audio machine is standard SoundBlaster card (Orig spec) P3 1 gig
> running under XP. 100 M Ethercard
the same question:
why do you choose to run XP on it and not fedora ? 
> We also have a lecture theatre set up as a PIG (Done this summer)which is
> 1 PC running Fedora P4 3 gig. 3 Osprey capture cards. SoundBlaster audio
> card and Dual head Matrox G550
> We also have a PIG P4 3gig PC with USB Logitech camera and built in
> sound card.
> Another node is a desktop node
> P4 2.8 gig with 3 monitors attached to a Matrox Parhelia Card. Video via
> Logitech USB camera and. SoundBlaster Audio card
> We have several laptop PIG configurations for members of staff.
> In addition we have a "Mobile Grid" Which consists of two machines.
> Video capture and display is done on a Dual Xeon processor, Osprey
> Capture Cards and Matrox G200 4 Head Video Card
> Audio capture on a P4 2.8 Gig Proc. with SoundBlaster Card
> The Mobile grid is taken to various exhibitions around Wales. We have
> successfully demonstrated the Access Grid over Satallite links at 1 gig.
> and even used Viz Server at the same time (Bit slow though would not
> suggest it).
> Not sure if this is any use.

thank you , it helps ...

> All the best
> Mike

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