[AG-TECH] WinXP drivers

Richard Naylor richard.naylor at citylink.co.nz
Fri Oct 1 18:51:57 CDT 2004

Thanks Tom

At 09:44 AM 10/1/2004 -0500, Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>Hi Rich:
>  Before 2.3, the AG software was only detecting the WDM driver.  AG 2.3 
> detects VFW drivers using the same mechanism that vic does, so I expect 
> that it would let you select any device that vic allows.
>The program c:\program files\agtk-2.3\bin\vfwscan.exe will print the names 
>of the devices that it finds.  What's the output of this program on your 

I'm about to head off on a 2x 10 hour drive to install a node at Auckland 
University, so won't be back at my errant node until Tuesday. I'll try then 
and let you know.

I also ordered some Spectra-8 cards and today UPS say they're on the way. 
With luck I may rip out the Ospreys on Tuesday and be up and running by the 
big demo on Wednesday.


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