[AG-TECH] FW: Release Candidate for ConferenceXP 3.0 is now available!

Chris Moffatt chrismof at microsoft.com
Tue Nov 23 13:28:12 CST 2004

Please contact me if you have questions or would like further details.



Chris Moffatt

Lead Program Manager

ConferenceXP Project, Microsoft Research


chrismof at microsoft.com

www.conferencexp.net <http://www.conferencexp.net/>  




From: Chris Moffatt 
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 10:52 AM
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Subject: Release Candidate for ConferenceXP 3.0 is now available!


Dear ConferenceXP User,


I'm pleased to report that we are very close to releasing ConferenceXP
3.0 and we'd like to invite you to participate in some real-world
testing with the our release candidate. You can download the
ConferenceXP 3.0 release candidate here
<http://www.conferencexp.net/test/CXPClientSetup30_RC1.msi> . Click here
<http://www.conferencexp.net/community/images/cxp30_screenshot.jpg>  to
view a screenshot.


This is a major release, with many enhancements and improvements


Great support for high quality conferencing: 

-          Controls for audio and video are embedded into the video
window to provide a Windows Media-style experience. 

-          ConferenceXP now supports a much wider range of cameras and
capture cards. We will post a list of supported devices on the web site.

-          Support for multiple cameras on a single computer.

-          We have upgraded our video to the Windows Media 9 codec and
also enabled support for "very low quality" (160x120 at 30fps, 50Kbps) for
bandwidth-limited scenarios.

-          We have improved the usability of the ConferenceXP Client UI.


Great Support for wireless, collaborative learning environments: 

-          We have implemented Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction
(FEC) in order to improve the reliability of delivering static data
(e.g. slides, ink and navigation over wireless networks) over
ConferenceXP's RTP network protocol. 

-          With the 3.0 release, ConferenceXP's peer-peer, multicast
architecture, coupled with highly reliable delivery of static data, we
are in a position to support large classroom/lecture scenarios where all
or many students have tablets or notebooks. 

-          OneNote SP1 is able to receive RTDocument data, and can be
used as a client to CXP Presenter and the upcoming v2.0 release
Classroom Presenter from University of Washington. (This functionality
was included in 2.4.2 but is now exposed in the UI and has undergone
testing and bug fixes).

-          We recently completed a scalability test where we deployed 50
tablets over 802.11b, and were able to deliver slides and ink with
greater than 99% reliability,


Archive Service and Multicast/Unicast Reflector Service: 

-          The ConferenceXP 3.0 client is enabled to take advantage of
our upcoming releases of Archive Service and Multicast Reflector. 

-          The ConferenceXP Archive Service supports record and playback
for a ConferenceXP session, including multiple audio/video streams,
presentation, and ink.

-          The ConferenceXP Multicast/Unicast Reflector enables clients
running on networks where multicast is not enabled, or not enabled, to
participate in a multi-point conference.

-          We plan to release Beta versions of these services before the
end of the year. If you are eager to test these components, let us know
and we can direct you to hosted services for testing.


Under the covers

- RTP/RTCP: We have done extensive work at the network level, and
stability and performance has been significantly improved.

- RTDocs: We have finalized the interfaces and formats for RTDocs, and
look forward to the development of additional collaborative


Application Development

-          ConferenceXP 2.4 was a great platform for collaborative
applications and the enhancements and additions to 3.0 have extended the
capabilities available to developers. These enhancements include the
ability share several capabilities in the same window.

-          If you're interested in developing collaborative applications
on a platform that supports a rich sharing architecture and API, please
visit us at http://www.conferencexp.net <http://www.conferencexp.net/>
to learn more about how to get involved. 



Chris Moffatt

Lead Program Manager

ConferenceXP Project, Microsoft Research


chrismof at microsoft.com

www.conferencexp.net <http://www.conferencexp.net/>  




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