[AG-TECH] Uninstalled and re-installed....still can't add video service or audio service

Douglas Baggett dbaggett at cise-nsf.gov
Mon Nov 22 09:10:46 CST 2004

Douglas Baggett wrote:

> Hi! Thanks in advance to anybody who can help me with this.
> I'm trying to set up a single system AG 2.3 system with a 3com 
> homeconnect USB camera.
> I'm able to connect to the ANL Venues and I'm able to open the node 
> management window, but when I try to add my video service I ether get 
> an error that the camera cannot be added or the client freezes. I get 
> the same issue with the audio.
> I've uninstalled the AG 2.x sofware with no effect.
> -Doug B

Ooops....and of course re-installed after uninstalling it. I also 
completely unintalled python and wxwindows and reinstalled them as well.

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