[AG-TECH] REMINDER: December 1, 2004, AG1 Decommisioning

Jim Miller jmiller at insors.com
Thu Nov 18 22:26:24 CST 2004

For AG users who do not have the resources or are hesitant of upgrading
their production level AG node, inSORS is offering an upgrade special to
utilize our commercialized, fully supported version of the Access Grid

Our software offers many features and enhancements as well as an easy to use
interface.  Most of all, it will provide your organization with a smooth
transition and a support center for your AG operations.

An inSORS node can connect to AG2 based meetings.

Please contact me if you would like further details.

Jim Miller
jmiller at insors.com

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Subject: [AG-TECH] REMINDER: December 1, 2004, AG1 Decommisioning


This is a reminder that on Dec 1, 2004 we'll be turning off the AG1
infrastructure and servers. 

The list of servers that will be turned off include:

1. AG1 Venues Server
2. AG1 Bridge Server
   Move to AG2.3: http://www.mcs.anl.gov/fl/research/accessgrid/
3. AG1 MOO Server 
   Move to Jabber:
4. AG1 Beacon Server 
   Move to the new Beacon: http://dast.nlanr.net/projects/beacon/

If you have any questions, email ag-mcs at mcs.anl.gov,


The AG Team

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