[AG-TECH] Certificates passphrase

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Tue Nov 16 09:59:27 CST 2004

Hi Jorge,

You need to export your new certificate from the display machine, and put copies of it on the other machines in your node.

On the display machine, in the Venue Client: select "Preferences," "Certificate Manager," a window opens in which you select the new certificate, and click, "Export". It'll save your cert as a file (or files, depending on what you select) which you need to put on the other machines.

Then, on each other machine, in the Venue Client: "Preferences," "Certificate Manager," and in the CM window click "Import", and then tell it where to find the cert file you've just copied over.

- Jennifer

Hanselmann wrote:

> hi
> our certificate expired and we got a new one on our display machine
> how do i tell the other machines (video and audio) what the passphrase 
> is or where to look for the certificate ?
> thankx
> jorge

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